Workstation Lockdown – Citrix


This solutions is targeting public environment such as hospitals where several users uses the same computer and are in need to quickly access confidential information in a secure manner using a smartcard. Usually, logging on a computer can take serveral minutes. Public computers always logged in solve this, but there is no way to ensure who accessed what information when.


The solution requires SecMaker’s Net iD Workstation Lock Down (WLD).

Technical description

When the computer starts it is automatically logged on whit an anonomuys account. The shell is replaced on the computer, making nothing available. What will be accessible when pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL is locked down with standard Windows policies. Net iD’s function Watch is monitoring the smart card reader for a card insert event. When a card is inserted, the users information is extracted from the smartcard ensuring that previous sessions is reconnected. The PIN dialog on the server is shown and the user enter his PIN and the session towards the server is established. When the smartcard is removed the session is disconnected and the workstation is locked, waiting for next user.

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