Fast user switching with smart cards

Windows 7

In Windows 7 Fast User Switching is supported even for domain connected machines. To have a nice end user experience with smart cards you will need a custom Net iD package including a preconfigured Net iD Watch process.

Windows XP

In Windows XP Fast User Switching is not supported out-of-the-box for domain connected machines. However, with a custom package like the one for Windows 7 but with an extra tweak you can use Fast User Switching even on this plattform.


A) Add a decent amout of memory to the machine
B) Activate ”allow remote users” for a suitable group of users


C) Install the special Net iD-package and give it a try!

PbP – Proof by Pictures

(three users, 1024 Mb memory)

Figure 1:


Figure 2:


Figure 3: