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Known limitations


SecMaker’s vision is to provide generic client apps for the mobile devices in the same way as Net iD Enterprise can be used for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux environments. There are however a number of limitations in software and hardware for the mobile environments that have made this hard to fulfill. Examples of limitations are:

– Sandboxing problems (Android & iOS).
– Lack of generic smart card reader support (Android & iOS).
– Standard web browser lacks support for SSL and client certificates (Android).
– Limited Bluetooth support, only audio (iOS).
– No card readers with support for mobile platforms (Android and iOS)
No thoroughly investigations have been made regarding Windows Phone 7 so far but there are known limitations similar to Android and iOS.

To make it possible to start using smart cards in mobile environments SecMaker has now developed Net iD SDK’s for Android and iOS. At the moment there is only support for one card reader for each OS but support for other card readers will be implemented when card readers from other vendors are available. The card readers implemented are:

– Gemalto BBH reader for Android.
– Precise Biometrics Tactivo reader for iOS.

All cards supported by Net iD Enterprise are also supported by Net iD SDK’s. The reason for Net iD for mobile environments being a SDK and not a generic app is the sand boxing making it hard for apps to share resources, and therefore the Net iD SDK together with the card reader drivers have to be integrated in the app needing smart card support. See pictures below for system architecture of Windows, Android and iOS.


To get access to the Net iD SDK’s you need to sign a software evaluation agreement. After we have received the agreement the contact person will be provided with credentials to the “NiM Developers” group in SecMakers support portal.

Please send a scanned copy of the completed agreement to


SecMaker will take a self-cost fee for the card reader and the distribution of the reader/readers, the fee will depend on the card readers needed. The size of the fees will be decided as soon as the card reader prices from Gemalto and Precise Biometrics have been determined.

The licensing model of Net iD SDK is not finally decided but it will be the app developer organizations which will have the business relation with the end user organizations. The app developer will be the Net iD SDK license holder.


Documentation for Net iD SDK’s are included in the SDK packages.

Java documents for “Net iD SDK for Android” can be found here.










Known limitations

Will not work with compressed certificates since zlib is not generic available for Android and iOS.